Technical solutions

If the required technical equipment is not available at the venue, BIS will find the most appropriate solution, taking into account linguistic and technical aspects, availability and logistical constraints. The latest technical equipment and experienced audio-visual technicians are available at BIS for ALL types of events.

We offer solutions for onsite and online meetings or both (hybrid). While participants must always listen to the desired language through headphones, multiple setups are available: 

Whisper system

For conferences in small rooms or with a limited number of listeners, the whisper system is a quick and cost-effective solution. Each interpreting tour guide suitcase contains 1 interpreter microphone and 20 receivers. Several suitcases can be combined but with a limit of 6 different translation channels, instead of 32 with infrared.

Interpreting booths

In order to isolate the interpreters from the audience acoustically, we can set up interpreting booths. These 1.60m (double) or 2.40m (triple) booths comply with ISO4043-2016 SCIC standards. The interpreters’ booths are equipped with headsets allowing the interpreters to listen to the discussions and activate their microphone on the desired (interpretation) channel.


To listen to the interpreters, participants are given headphones to plug into an infrared receiver. This requires a good infrared coverage in the room to ensure the best signal. The bigger and brighter the room is, the more infrared radiators will be needed.

Auxiliary connection

Although speaker microphones and a public address system are often available at the venue, it is also necessary to have an auxiliary connection to enable the interpretation device to be linked to it. We prefer to bring our own equipment if this is not possible or if the quality of the setup is not guaranteed. This ensures that the equipment are perfectly compatible with each other and gives us full control over the microphone settings.

Delegate microphones

For meetings where everyone is seated at a table, the delegate microphones enable both to take the floor and to listen to the interpreters via headphones. In this particular case, the interpreters’ booths and desks are needed, but not the infrared system. However, it is very important that each participant has a microphone (often shared, 1 for 2).

Qualified technicians

Apart from the tour guide system, which can be switched on directly by the interpreter, the interpreting equipment must be set up by a qualified audio-visual technician, who will also be present throughout the meeting to avoid any potential interruption. This heavy equipment requires some logistics (parking, dedicated space in the room for the technical equipment, etc.).

Onsite events

If the conference is to be held onsite (participants and interpreters), you will need booths equipped with interpreter’s desks, infrared receivers and headsets, infrared distribution system, an adapted sound system, etc.

Online events

For full online events (participants and interpreters) you will need a subscription to a videoconferencing platform that allows multilingualism and a good internet connection. Depending on the platform chosen, the assistance of a remote audio-visual operator may be required.

Hybrid events

In a hybrid situation (participants or interpreters) you will need a combination of onsite interpreting equipment, a multilingual videoconferencing or streaming platform and appropriate audio and video capture equipment.

The latter are essential to enable the interface between onsite and online, but can greatly vary depending on the setup. For instance, video transmission might usually be limited to simple monitoring when the entire audience is onsite and only the interpreters are remote (usually due to availability or transportation costs). However, if it’s the participants who are remote, multi-camera setups and content integration will typically be implemented to make the meeting more engaging from a distance.

Hybrid events can easily be recorded for later playback. Hybrid settings require the assistance of our technicians. A good wired internet connection is also required on site and a trial run with remote speakers is necessary.

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